LAST UPDATE March 13th 2009

1)ES9008S Evaluation Board from ESS

This time I borrowed an evaluation board of ESS company ES9008S say bar HYPERSTREAM(TM) and I compared it with the DAC unit of various circuit methods and had it played before buying..

As a result, the super high sound quality nature of the D / A conversion circuit of an epoch-making new method named HYPERSTREAM did not become clear and was able to confirm high efficiency of the surprise of the totally new patent digital audio interface receiver circuit and patent jitter reduction circuit..

As for the sound image normal position, there was merely no special "ill feeling in accuracy / DI-SYNC which I used conventional DIR-IC for with the splendor that a feeling of minute depth reproduced very though I had access to S/PDIF by a coaxial cable from CD transport.

The sound field of the S/PDIF connection became clear clearly even if I compared it with the machinery which led a word sink and super clock synchronization-type circuit.

ES9008S is quality of mass production specifications 2ch high-pitched tone stereo sound of ES9008B and an audio system DAC tip of 8ch of 7.1ch surround, but the evaluation board which it borrowed adds a 8ch circuit of ES9008S to by 4ch, and it is the 2ch stereo output and the 2chD / A conversion board which did it. ES9008S inputs an independent PCM8ch signal and a 8chDSD signal of the SACD in four I2S interface by a slave mode and can input the 2chPCM signal of the S/PDIF standard by a built-in S/PDIF decoder (a patent circuit of NonPLL). When I operate it with this mode, I realize dynamic range more than 130dB by actual survey.

I thought that various plans were born, but was convinced in future when I should have been full of topics of this "DAC smaller than the coffee beans" in the digital audio market that I hung it in the next year from the end of the year of this year.

2)GUI software for control AVA-Board

The analog output voltage of ES9008S EVA-Board is very big, if you connect the pre-amplifier that low voltage driven, wave form is clipping.

(There is no problem, connecting DENON PRA-S1.) There are matters that require attention in the convenience. But this matters are no problem, we can set output voltage, setting GUI software. You can download firmware software for Windows XP USB control) clicking this picture.

When I test early version of ES9008S EVA-board, I found the problem that the part of the beginning of the waveform is fade in, when starting from no sound data. 

ESS said to me, this problem is I must change default setting attenuation timing and level with GUI software.

But there is a problem this firmware, we can not memory firmware setting when power off..

3)Firmware renewal 

The Canada development team of ESS did its best, in order to improve this phenomenon. As is expected ESS company.

I receive new firmware that I can memory settings from ESS CANADA, I install this.

This is install manual for new firmware.

STEP1: Please copy new firmware to _C:\Sabre8_GUII\Firmware.

STEP2:Connecting your PC and EVA-Board with USB cable and starting SABRE8 GUI .

STEP3: Please check the fader is green. If faders are gray color, 

your PC is not done well, please start it again.

STEP4:If done well, clicking  the firmware icon, you can see these picture.

STEP5:Please select new firmware, and clicking [Open file].


STEP7:Please push [CLOSE] after progress bar was green.

4)Checking Rock in timing when using non synchronized dual EVA-Board for making super performance.

I want to use 8ch of ES9008S with a monaural mode, can get DNR more than 134dB. I used two for Lch and Rch, but I set storehouse DAC in the S/PDIF decoder 2 simply, and the lock in timing of the DIR circuit agrees if I let you input a digital code into each S/PDIF terminal, and is analog signal phase of the right and left DAC equal to it? I ask it, but there is not yet the answer. As for the me, parallel operated two DAC units that used YM3623B for DIR 15 years ago, but this case was then, and lock in timings were scattered, and there was the experience that analog signal phase of the right and left DAC put a turn away. There "were good (the state that comparatively kept right and left phase) time and time of an odd sound of the sound, and ..." was mysterious before confirming this phenomenon in oscilloscope. 丂It was a state with all members, a mouth when it confirmed a wave pattern because it had portable DSO by chance. However, a lock in timing was equal to this case every time when I displayed two DAC which I used CS8412 for, and similar parallel let you work, and the analog signal phase of the right and left DAC confirmed what was prepared in those days. Even if days passed, after an inquiry, I decided to confirm it by oneself because there was not an answer. 丂I already borrowed a DAC evaluation board one piece and inspected it.

That means, monaural DAC and eight two-ply Para differential constitution DAC (as long as take out money)丗  easily? I wanted to say that I could make it, but I was working on this inspection and discovered very interesting chombo. (as for the photograph mentioned above, a lock in timing of two pieces of DAC accords) It is the 傪 thing which I confirmed, but adds a hand to a photograph a little;).


Because DA - S1 which affected (at the time of 1993) in the days of an article Planning Department in my home rolled ramblingly, I thought to remodel the one of this inside into *2+ ES9008S BUF634UHC buffer versions. I borrowed an evaluation board of ES9008S and I discovered the phenomenon that "a start part of the music disappeared" on the third day and pointed it out and had I experienced it, and all of Japanese importers confirm the phenomenon. 
I received advice that I started GUI software and should have set srethold level when I contacted development footholds of Canada that I did not "do no use somehow". 
However, it was found out that this was complete "CHOMBO" without this setting being memorized when I switched it off once because after all the sound of the start part of the music faded away. 
It was completely cured when measures version new firmware was completed during the week and tried it. Even ESS. Thought that the software development power was characteristic,; but ... ... ...

5)Did "Dawn Dawn Dawn" drum skin stick out? 丂Or did you go down?

I decided to construct unit No. 2 afterwards. Is this unit No. 2 the world's best sound by eight Para constitution with two pieces of evaluation boards? I obtained one piece of another ES9008S in order to aim at  When you input an SPDIF signal into two pieces of evaluation boards, are you equal to it as expected in a lock in timing? I decided to confirm it. 
Is  good to do the absolute polarity of the RCA terminal in a non-inversion state via a Japanese importer because absolute phase of the RCA unbalanced analog terminal was overturned when I revitalize impulse waveform and test it? I received an answer that I "was usable normally if I upset XLR2 turn and 3" when I asked it.

The me who heard such an answer felt dizzy, and almost fainted,; but "was not ES9008S an evaluation board not an audio product?" Though it asked whether was good, it was able to refer with ... again to make the signal which passed a differential amplifier on the board a non-inversion state. Is the second .3 turn terminal of XLR direct output from an I / V conversion circuit? ... 

Then I did it without there was an answer two days later, and choosing "default 2ch" of the GUI software if I chose "a default" and reversed channel polarity because it was with a saw when all right as it was said.

Channel polarity is set in the following state by non-inversion. It is hard to understand that "180" buttons stick out, but the channel polarity setting state becomes clear by confirming the thirteenth register. "00000000" non-turns over as follows (a non invert).

"11111111" is inversion as follows (an invert),; but ... ...

Not the sound that a drumhead sticks out somehow, is not ... / the reason that a sound going down heard,; but something strange ...

Wow ? ? ? ? 丂I confirm the thirteenth state. The register who lay on its back even if I do it as it was said, and inversion is in a state with 111... and 000.. just to make sure!

I informed it of making fader an MAX state, but it was the following state even if it did such a thing.

Does he have the signal for polarity checks CD?

The analog output wave pattern always confirmed that inversion was in a state even if I set it for inversion / non-inversion on GUI software. 
Because you want to "give priority to the development of the new device to show for the CE show of Las Vegas, a show ends the matter that polarity is overturned and will empty" it? Because I had give up declaration with "virtually, I gave it up, but new firmware reached it! 
I got together, and a hawk threatened all of Canada (a lie), and the people of the Japanese sales agent seem to have let you make new firmware for measures forcibly in anything.

Overturned absolute polarity (absolute phase) became the non-inversion state in the old firmware properly!

All of Canada! 丂Really thank you. 丂It was serious, but, as for the time of this end of the year beginning of the year, tried a CE show hard by the spurt of the final stage of 32bitDAC (ES9018) and the ADC of ESS company to exhibit.

6)The world fastest Audio Equipment used ES9008S is McIntosh MCD500.

The performance / sound quality / function / high accumulation characteristics of this surprise thought that it was it in the kind of the meal for the various places of the high-end audio system maker, but Macintosh MCD500 seems to have become the world first adoption airplane. It was not yet released in Japan, but it was done an announcement by held Tokyo international audio system show 2008 the other day. Many of show introduction articles introduced parallel movement of the DAC, but seem to have misunderstood it when they rode several ICs. Indeed it will be to have thought that DAC of 8 (it is correct because it is differential constitution, 16) is in this small package.

7)The report of ES9008S

Mr. Isao Shibazaki who is the first person of the audio system technology commentary explains it to experiment magazine January, 2009 issue with MJ radio of the release in detail on December 10.

"Where is this evaluation board sold" this time when carried by MJ magazine? 丂I want one IC, but is an inquired telephone of ... a rush in an import agency? Then may a hindrance occur for duties of a company? I become 偲 worry.

丂It is not possible for the small sum sale for the individual who is birth and parentage lack of foresight in what is administered on the premise that the importer of the ESS company product does business by 1,000 lot for the <g> audio system maker where birth and parentage kept strong..丂However, it seems to have been coped in what I thought to be to want to make my own DAC with ES9008S.

On earth I do not understand who coordinated, but because I am easy to use it for <, we enthusiast, and basic performance / sound quality can be superior, I use BUF634 to a buffer amplifier and think that I am interesting when I add a vacuum tube buffer circuit and enjoy various modification.

Therefore a high-end audio shop of Ikebukuro, Tokyo was good from this December and got possible to purchase an IC and an evaluation board in on.

8)Can we call ES9008S's HyperStream DAC is new technoligy of generation 4?

I wrote the interesting blurb that it was what seemed to be developed, and seemed to be follows. This is volunteer activity. 
The expression called "the fourth new method" of the contents hold it in check? I took advice to Mr.Shibazaki.

The fourth new method wrote the revision version that I introduced some time ago slightly because I thought that I might make too much rapid progress.

In fact, I said that new the third-type, but are MJ radio and Mr. Isao Shibazaki something of the experiment magazine, the first method integral calculus types first? 

Therefore, is it the fourth method? 

Because it was said, but there is not the letter called "the fourth new method" the fourth ... afterward when I read in MJ radio and experiment January, 2009.

Because the hyper stream modulator is a category same as DAC of the conventional 嚈嚁 method adoption, is it the thing that how about it that insist with the fourth new method? 

The speed and a 1bit1 next 嚈嚁 modulator of the movement speed of the modulator seemed to be replaced by a 6bit characteristic from a 1bit characteristic with size (the size of the input conversion signal level) of the abnormality degree when I compared the basic circuit mentioned above, but asked Shibazaki teacher because the point where an IIR filter was had built-in in a return loop apart from this part thought like the greatest difference.


Then the circuitry concept that I felt fuzzy in so far became clear because I had you send a commentary such as follows several hours later.

From: Isao Shibazaki [mailto:Mr.Shibazaki]
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2008 8:31 AM
To:nagaesan wotaku
Cc: allowUEC
Subject: Re: Should I revise notation called "the fourth new method" according to advice?

It is my opinion that it is hyper stream DAC that I perform the first highly advanced noiseshaping by multistage handling of  noise shaping  and raise stability, and it strengthens LPF of the return circuit, and raised S / N of the audio band.  Therefore it is the reason that it made expression called "the new 儮 儼 abnormality circuit" with MJ magazine. 

A teacher, thank you. It is the feeling that became the nothing good kid.

9) The data recovery from a digital transmission signal of ES9008S and the extraction of the clock

A digital interface receiver has various circuit methods, but it is known that I produce high jitter by the process that extracts a standard clock from a transmission signal. I do not perform clock demodulation by the pre-amble to be included in a transmission signal in ES9008S to solve this problem. I adopt the technique that does not need the extraction of the clock frequency to demodulate Kroc. At first, as for the S/PDIF digital code, it is had orthopedic treatment as a wave pattern of duty 50% by dilayline, and it is read by prescribed pulse width, and the pulse width of 1.2.3 units is assigned. I handle the pulse width that a state machine was assigned to, but it is not demodulated the re-measurement and the clock of the axis in this part afterwards in time. But I perform a thyme stamp to merely wave pattern, and it is delivered by a down stream processor. Sinusoid (sin) jitter of random jitter and 200nsec of 50nsec is done excellence of by such a method.

The sound field problem that was on solves a haze in DIR which I used conventional PLL for by this non-PLL patent new circuit. There seem to be many cases synchronizing machinery through a word clock unit with the clock generator which I used Rubidium for conventionally, but a clear sound image letting you merely think that you are enough by S/PDIF connection and the low tone which I had a firm come out when I use storehouse DIR in this ES9008S. I want to perform a new product DIR - IC of Asahi Chemical Industry of the storehouse in the word sink circuit, comparison with AK4115 in future.


If only a DIR circuit of non-PLL had built-in lets you become independent and puts it on sale because I support sampling frequency of 192kHz - 32kHz, in the DIR circuit of ES9008S, the PLL - ICs such as CS8416 and AK4117, LC89057 which have been used many conventionally will be swept over. There is a word sink in the DIR - IC with AK4115 which I used normal PLL for of the storehouse in the word sink function being released, and the application superiority and inferiority dispute that there is no it in may begin, but thinks that I cannot ignore the word sink just recently because it is ESS Corporation. However, about the circuit stability of the DAC, Asahi Chemical Industry AK4399 and 4396 and Silas logic CS4398, the stability dispute of the 嚈嚁 modulator at the time of the data reproducing with the DC offset in SM5866 of NPC that made the data bus of the conventional 嚈嚁 abnormality circuit 32bit will break out.

However, are you mysterious? I do a thyme stamp, and why can 1/0 data extract data? There is a maker releasing the D / A conversion unit that professed itself to be non-PLL, but it is it in the case of ES9008S recently with the circuit which the bad influence of a jitter ingredient spreading via a power supply does not produce.

10)The system for test hearing

Transport = DENON DP - S1 and TEDDIGITAL PCM - S1A hard disk transport audio system PC

Pre-amp = DENON PRA - S1

Power amp = DENON POA - S1 *2


Reference SACD = McIntosh MCD301

1) ESS company ES9008S evaluation board (storehouse circuit in DIR/DAC = ES9008B, I / V/LPF/BUFFER = AD797) 4ch electric current simplicity addition 2ch stereo modeThe following photograph

2) DENON DA - S1S102KDIR = ST-GenLock/YM3623B, DAC = PCM - 1704K, I / V = OPA627, differential amplifier = AD797, BUFFER = BUF634T

3) DENON DCD - S1Z201XLDIR = YM3623B + VCXO2PLL, DAC = PCM - 1704K, I / V = OPA627, differential amplifier = AD797, BUFFER = BUF634T

4) TPC DAC1.5VSRDIR = CS8412, DAC = PCM - 1702K, I / V = OPA627, BUFFER = BUF634T

I had a friend of the duty listen to the Japanese juridical person of the American audio system maker.

A person sitting here cries to somebody something or other, but the thing that it is yet corrected, and there is not is mysterious though I pointed out a mistake in October. 

11)About inside constitution of performance of ES9008S

By the way, a story has derailed, but returns to a straightness mode again.


The DAC of the channel is built in ES9008S 8 in total, but actually has 16 DAC because each DAC is the balance output. About 800 DAC has output impedance of 兌, and it is virtual ground baing current mode constitution. By the S/PDIF input, I can use only the stereo mode which connected four output channels to parallel. When a 2ch stereo mode is set by movement setting resistance, four same data are sent to all channels. In this case the DAC becomes the pair of the 8 bits DAC, and about 200 output impedance becomes 兌. I achieve the dynamic range than 132dB by this constitution, and the harmonics distortion characteristic is controlled by a component and a measurement device of the DAC outside. On this account, as for the outside component, AD- 797 made in Analog Devices, Inc. is adopted on an evaluation board that I recommend high-performance OP amplifier use. I used AD- 797 as a differential amplifier of the DAC board which I used PCM- 1704 which the me produced for, but a high CMRR characteristic is a characteristic with the super high S/N, and a sound with the power with the instantaneous power is a characteristic. Because the evaluation board is DC coupling such as follows, I can enjoy a loud sound of the freshness.

12)The new business of High End Audio shop (Sales of Device for DIY-Audio Enthusiast)

The performance / sound quality / function / high accumulation characteristics of this surprise thought that it was it in the kind of the meal for the various places of the high-end audio system maker, but Macintosh MCD500 seems to have become the world first adoption airplane.

It was not yet released in Japan, but it was done an announcement by held Tokyo international audio system show 2008 the other day.

Many of show introduction articles introduced parallel movement of DAC, but seem to have misunderstood it when they picked up several ICs.

Indeed it will be to have thought that DAC of 8 (it is correct because it is differential constitution, 16) is in this small package.

However, this evaluation board is terrible. Because I could control setting of dithering and noiseshaping curve with not only the so and so that a sound had good but also GUI software in detail, I was accompanied by underworld.

But Mr.Hasumi who is master of high-end audio shop IKEON said to me "Naked PCB is not good for shops"

13)Storing to the chassis of  evaluation boards

During three consecutive holidays of November, I put it away in such a chassis. The display is amiability. It is a VFD display made by Noritake iTron.

I can show you the number screen display of monochromatic bmp picture file and Japanese font TEXT.

Because indication changes by the timing when I set it beforehand, it is advertised the DAC when I sound it in a high-end audio system shop.

Scrolling display explanation of I / V conversion OP-AMP and differential AMP of the ES-9008S evaluation board at first, but It was not good feeling, I don't scroll.

It will be strongest combination when ES9008S using with an audio system PC equipped with sound cards such as RME Corporation HDSP9632/192kHz.

14)The lighting method of S/PDIF lock indicators

There is S/PDIF lock indicator LED on the evaluation board, I use cds and the comparator and create an optical sensor by myself and can make the LED of the chassis front desk panel shine.

The display at the time of the production is displayed with ES9008, but will change the evaluation board on a letter called ES9008S soon because ES9008S of mass production specifications is carried.

15)This is joke inside chassis

I merely received an attached power supply unit I just put away an evaluation board in a luxurious chassis, and to evaluate sound quality of the evaluation board itself at this time.

The small board is a power supply for display drive, power indicator lighting.

Store shines, and the silver-colored chassis does it recently because there is much machinery of the silver panel.

16)The selectable program for Noritake iTron VFD Display GU256亊64D-3101

The VFD indication of the silver chassis does not link a button on the front panel only by a setting screen being merely reflected. However, VFD indication takes place when the VFD display of a black chassis constructing pushes MUTE and CLOCK and the buttons on the front panel such as INVERT now.

A VFD display board has a port of 8bit and can let you display the monochrome bitmap image and text which accepted the switch. This setting connects a USB cable to a VFD display and I start EXCELL with a host PC and set it.

Expectation to ask for in what make a digital selector board so that it is cyclic, and digital input accepts reshuffling, and the indication is replaced by the wind that the INPUT button says AES/EBU COAX1 COAX2 TosLINK.

The board made by Noritake iTron of the above right side photograph is a button board corresponding to the 8bit port of VFD examining temporarily. This 8bit control circuit appears in the board which I put the functions such as the digital input reshuffling or prevention of rushing in electric current circuit on.

17)The takeoff method of  USB cable signals The USB terminal of the VFD board

It is necessary to tie a PC with a USB (JST XH connector) terminal on the evaluation board to control memory in the VFD board by software (Rakugaki-chow entry or PortLinkerDX ) for VFD made by Noritake iTron.

When it is an arrival at Japanese pressure terminal to have to be careful here and does a line constipated by a general USB signal arrangement (red white green black) because the pin arrangement of the USB terminal of product made in installed Noritake VFD module "GU256X64D -256" is special, a VFD module is damaged and breaks down. The pin arrangement of the USB terminal of GU256X64D -256 is "red green black and white"


In fact, with the first edition manual of GU256X64D -256, as for the pin arrangement explanation, I said general arrangement "red white green black".

I created a USB cable by myself, and a VFD module was broken in those days when I made a flight to be constipated according to a manual. It was broken again first when it was not broken and thought not to recognize merely USB and I already purchased GU256X64D -256 of the one and connected my own cable.

Therefore I discovered this "error in writing of the manual" when I sent back a VFD module to Noritake iTron for repair it.

It "cannot have broken down if I used the USB cable (an EH connector mini-USB female) attached to person in charge something of the then Noritake, the evaluation kit". 

Was said ",; but "is such excuse

The manual itself which you wrote was wrong, and I purchase only GU256X64D -3101, not your special USB cable, a person composing by itself revises a manual because general, and is it no use unless it describes renewal information? I pointed it out with ".

The manual is revised when I look at the homepage of the Noritake iTron as me pointed it out, and the renewal information is described now.

But registration is necessary to read a manual. I got possible to change it on the letter which the password published in HP of Noritake was these days and was easy to learn by oneself.

18)The takeoff method of USB cable signalsThe USB terminal of the ES9008S board

I have to join by a PC on a USB (a B-type male) terminal on the evaluation board to control the setting of the evaluation board by GUI software. It should have processed the hole which installed a mule, a B-type female 仼仺 B-type male USB cable such as the lower photograph into back panel more, but originally used the USB terminal which seemed to be follows because it was troublesome. This is a USB (an A-type female 仼仺 B-type female) terminal made by a Noytlic. 

Because it is opening shape same as an XLR terminal, I can just possess the hole for AES/EBU digital input terminals.

Because the USB terminal of the evaluation board is a male of B-type, and the USB terminal of the back panel is a B-type male, the USB cable of the B-type male 仼仺 B-type male is necessary. However, one is a B-type terminal, and, as for such USB cable, another solders a B-type terminal on the part that it is it on last rose in wiring in the chassis because it is not marketed.


I said that I did not recognize it when I connected a board to a PC with a long USB cable in the importer of the evaluation board Allow UEC, but the me used the USB cable of 5m, but recognized it properly. 

I think we should use USB 2.0 standardized wire of best transmission =480Mbps in speed.

I install a shielding cover after having soldered it.

Set cable of the root

When the resin cover does not insert it in a cable beforehand, a spear will cure soldering. I let you slide because a lock pin appears, and it is completion.


19) Buffer amplifiers and the reinforcement of the power supply

A current booster and the super-ring Troidal transformer

"This evaluation board was a thing for evaluation to measure sound quality / performance of ES9008S to the last and, in arrow UEC Corporation which was a domestic import of ESS company products agency, did not seem to recommend what the public user where "the sound that died in it appeared in power supply ON" because a meeting circuit was not equipped with used for a D / A conversion unit".

By the circuit made in many makers, the cut method of the offset voltage inserts a condenser and there are many cases to be equipped with an RC high pass filter in an output step, but has it as DC coupling in the case of me. The evaluation board of ESS company becomes the DC coupling, too. By AD797 and a DC coupling circuit, the sound of the ES9008S evaluation board becomes the sound with high cracking down on of the purity well. In other words the sound that the thud that seems to be an earthquake with the evaluation board of ES9008S does not come out when what was evaluated with an evaluation board does only the <g> that may be to be an analog circuit after the I / V conversion than the DAC and compares a differential amplifier with the sound of the Teflon board which constituted a buffer in BUF634T after AD797, a GIC low pass as OPA627 by I / V conversion of PCM1704 which me produced before


If it is a high-end audio product because it is the simple circuit where it used AD797 for in I / V conversion and a differential amplifier, a buffer circuit because the evaluation board gives top priority to performance including S / N and THD + n, it will be necessary to direct the feeling that a super low level dry gust blows to. Behind a differential amplifier, I think that I should be equipped with a current booster buffer amplifier. Furthermore, I will use an OPA627 area for an I / V converter if I find a feeling of transparence and a good point with possibility for not only a dynamic sound but also a sound. Therefore I decided to produce unit No. equipped with a super Lin bizarre toy dull transformer such as the following photograph and a current booster 2.


20)Production and the ordering of buffer amplifier boards

By the way, I push forward the production of the ultra high current booster because GUI software for measures was completed to have a thud.

I repeat two pieces of ES9008S and was going to use it with a monaural mode, but one piece produces a + ultra high current booster version at this time because unfortunately time is up.

Because I was able to confirm it, it was possible for two pieces of stacks to agree, but a lock in timing is the reason that thought that you had better show the evaluation board with the naked board + power supply in the tomorrow's audition society if I do two in parallel simply.

I will have I hear the ES9008S board becoming for demonstrations at an audio system store in the naked board and audition society last when are finished with the non-inversion measures version firmware installation that I borrowed by addition in polarity being turning over at this time and compete now. Do I hear sounds are different as expected when polarity absolutely turns over? Did the drumhead stick out? Did you go down? This neighborhood laughs, and it is a reason as the audition society.

By the way, the UHC buffer board is follows. Because it is a trial manufacture board, not to shove it in what think that there are many parts which you should rationalize! The front laid a hand on the dice board for 15 years, but since then I use the free lance CAD that a supplier of here offers and produce it experimentally. I accept it from two pieces and can confirm the price on online, too. I made four pieces of boards which I held well of FR4 this time and was equal to or less than 40,000 yen. (that board shop which there be it, and initial cost calls 100,000 yen yes which is reputation when not more than 100 pieces!) Such; when do business;  which thinks to go bankrupt soon).


In addition, this ultra high current booster board seems to have been completed after ordering in three days. The email that the board supplier in American Portland shipped it in UPS to way ground Ontario at 7:27 a.m. on December 3 arrived. This board leaves Anchorage as of 7:54 a.m. on December 4, and it is reported that I arrived at 10:29 on 5th, the following day. I am to arrive on 8th by the plan, but the guess is bad because there is a trouble by entry last time and was largely late.

Was to arrive on 8th by the plan, but said ...,; but in now "ding-dong!" I do ... by courier service! When I appeared in "and the entrance hall, I arrived today on 6th!

The installation of all parts was just over. 1:00 ... now late-night on Monday, December 8.

Wiring was finished on the audition society day before.

I let a display do new indication, but, not a front panel button interlocking movement, have returned to simple indication as well as unit No. 1.

It was swung around because there were various limitation and arts in Noritake VFD. I explain this later.

I ordered the transformer specially by naked type without a cover. I received a transformer in a case to hold down of the transformer according to Mr.Takagi who designed DENON POA - S1 (UHC Mos - FET monaural power amp) in 1993, and a douche did a calking in the gap, but referred to it because I seemed to have made the Troidal transformer of the Ney kid type because I was not good enough on sound quality side when it was such a structure. The core becomes the section in the shape of a truth circle by laminating (a sheet winds up whether you say) of orient materials of Hi兝. In other words I begin to wind it up, and width is narrow, but it becomes wide, and it is it in the circular section that seems to be a doughnut slowly by winding the thing which knocked down a thin steel sheet so that it is it in width narrow shape again afterwards off. This was a patent of the Kitamura airplane train who was famous for an R core transformer, but had you make the core with a doughnut type. This is called a "Super Ring Core Transformer" in the market.

I made the regulator board of +-12V with LM350/LM333 of the CAN type. This board is variable voltage. It may be said that the current capacity is too big for DAC unit use, but there are 3A.

I think that LED for S/PDIF lock indicators on the board understands that a cds unit is installed with the right side photograph, but this is optical sensor region. You may let I solder it on an LOCK terminal, and outside LED turn on, but I install an optical sensor and let LED on the front panel turn on.

When an LOCK indicator shines, resistance of cds changes. A comparator IC has two input terminals, and an electric current flows when resistance value of one cds side changes.

I fine-tune trimmer resistance between time and things of dark time that an LOCK indicator shines.

Confirmed a signal wave pattern of the unit No. 2 that stayed up all night in this way, and wired it with an oscilloscope, and picked you up on the car in order to progress in the audition society,; but ...

Because a tire had gone flat, it was not able to progress, I was crying.

21) I asked the high-end audiophile that  edges were fertile and had you hear a sound.

I held audition society event of the ES9008 evaluation board.

You can read an impression of audition society participants when I click the following image but Japanese.

It is the version that put away an evaluation board of ESS company ES9008S in a chassis to have had you listen in audition society. The I/V conversion amplifier is AD797

"Height and the sound image of this resolving power are near to DAC of almost GenLock, and it seems with a very high-performance article". "A low jitter characteristic of DIR of Timestamp method non PLL was good


"A feeling of SN sense of reality, feeling of air preeminence." It is gooseflesh in the freshness and freshness. I want you to release it with a proper value.  "The evaluation board is already selling it


"Charm of the high-end product of MADE IN JAPAN is enough for feel of a material of DAC-S1, the height of a feeling of precision". "(The chassis is made in Japan , but it is Made in USA , Developed CANADA).)


"The very loud sound of the freshness was the best by the sound of Digital which I heard so far". "Because it was DC coupling with /V conversion direct soup stock, was the freshness high?


There is the good point that it is expected that S/N of the "space went up. "AD797 is distinguished for S/N


It "is an impression to say that the edge of the sound is solid". "It seems to work to be DC coupling


I "felt that I was not persistent though it was strong volume". "Will it be the good point of the low distortion characteristic of ES9008S?


For "the impression why fog cleared, I understood shadow of the sounds well". "The good point of the simple circuit seems to have been reflected.


"A feeling of air listened to a prospect well comfortably clearly". A feeling of existence of the sound considerably sold well


"High-pitched tone  was a place to support, and the point to be worried about was considerably felt by the consonant of the vocal". It is a story of a considerably delicate level that "just distorted"


There "was the part which felt monotony in graduation of the tone a little".  "Please listen after having decided an I/V conversion circuit because I make the version that carried a buffer circuit on board.


"Lack of the thickness of the sound, a high level make the Chari feeling it thinks that the presence of BUFFER is the cause". "The lack of thickness thinks that the high level Chari is caused by I/V in a buffer.


22)I changed an I/V conversion circuit element to improve problems.

AD797 of the middle is for Avcc. I make virtual GND. Both sides are travel expense OP amplifiers in the I/V conversion time of the negative / positive.

I cut off a foot beforehand and take off an OP amplifier not to hurt a board pattern. I will not think about the reuse of the OP amplifier which I took off.

I absorb solder and remove a pin by a flight after having painted a pin left on the board with a good flux. I wash a board with a flux remover agent afterwards.

At first basic bar brown OPA627 which I adopted on a PCM1704 Teflon board. I am good, and an on DCD - S1 special and the I/V conversion of CD12 of LINN use this, too.

When I planned DENON DA - S1 in 1992, OPA627 had Mr. Hajime Kawai of the BBJ teach it.

The next made a recommended AD825 printing block from a person concerned with Analog Devices. 

However, I did not use you as a PCM1704 board to be able to be elaborate because there was not Offset-Null.

Even 'Sound-Den' of Hiroshima JAPAN evaluates this op-amp recently. SR / TS is good, but what may be said to be anything being cheap.

When I did great erudition talk of the I/V conversion in AM in an overseas Web site at 02-06-2009 04:48, I did it because it was said such a thing as it was said.

Better opamps to do a proper evaluation

You need to try the new National LME series of opamps.  The CFB LME49713HA or VFB LME49710HA (HA=metal cans).  They are much better than the ADI parts.

It is distinguished performance when I make through rate Seto ring thyme a list, but LM7171 which I tried by the I/V conversion of the PCM1704 board in a few years ago is better if I watch only merely number.

However, OPA627 had better sound then. As for LM7171, a sound swells out; felt.

Of the thing which fine-tuned the return fixed number because did not change, and LM7171 does not have an Offset-Null terminal; is a non-adoption directly-controlled fief of a feudal lord on a PCM1704 board after all.

From BBJ

Because arrival was early, I purchased 25 LME49713 in Digi-Key. At the time of 25 purchase, the shipping charge is $ 112.58 for $ 4.50320 per 1.

When refer in what do not reach it even if do it one week, and do it to arrive generally in three or four days; ...

"What do you use this part" for? Inform it of the official name of the place of employment of "" you! Because an English email with "should arrive, reply it; when is nerdy.

Though it wrote it as "I/V converter for Audio DAC Unit ""& Holdings" at the time of ordering, is it the amount of what one point? When I get angry at , "appearing sends it out immediately" saysAnger

I ordered 25 incidentally to return it to original AD797. At the time of 25 orders, a shipping charge is $ 56.34 for $ 8.5052.

Then I arrived in three days since I ordered it. LME49713 arrived at the same time, too.

I put AD797 on the bottom chassis of the photograph, but AD825 was high needs assessment when I compared it with AD825 of the black chassis.

Therefore when put LME49713 on the silver chassis; ... ...

It was said such a thing to AM in an overseas Web site at 02-27-2009 07:08 by another person

Re:LME49713 for I/V Converter

.This will probably not work very well.  The LME49713 is a current-feedback opamp.  It is not a direct replacement for a AD797 (voltage feedback).


When have a LME49713 printing block played before buying; a strange sound. I use this really and am not a success. The noise that did noise accompanies the lingering sound of the sound.

I excluded return condenser 100pF once, but after all am no use. In the first place it is ban to exchange the current return type for a conventional I/V conversion OP amplifier.

Because LM7171 was the voltage return type, a proper sound came out for the time being.

"They (LME49713) are much better than the ADI parts." is said; and ... that I who tried was stupid

I excluded LME49713 immediately and changed it in AD825 and put it away in a silver chassis. AD825 appears in the following black / silver chassis together. The nude board is AD797.

23)ESS people visited Japan .

.On March 3, Mr.Calt  Wong of ESS (a living-in-U.S.A. Fremont) visited Japan with Dustin Forman of the development team (a living-in-Canada Kelowna) of ESS.

I had "Sabre DAC ES9018 exhibited to the public first at the CE show of Las Vegas for New Year holidays of this year for 32bit" demonstrate.

The demonstration meeting place of Ikebukuro, Tokyo is good, and is on.

The audition machinery is pre-amp power amp made in KRELL which is the reference system of the shop and product made in Wilson Audio system company system 8.

This is the evaluation board which carried announced "SabreDAC ES9018 for 32bit".

The photograph depths / an ES9008S evaluation board (a thing marketing.) It is miniaturized a power supply unit. The I / V conversion amplifier AD797)

Photograph this side / an ES9018 evaluation board (the 64bit accumulator 32bit bus digital filter deployment.) The I / V conversion amplifier AD797)

A photograph bottom / the thing which received an ES9008S evaluation board in a silver chassis. (a thing same as an ES9018 evaluation board as for the power supply unit.) I replace an I/V conversion element with AD825;).

Mr. Dustin Forman of the ESS technology company Canada development team. I brought ES9018 this time.

From the left ESS Calt Wong, ESS Dustin Forman, Macintosh Japan Keiichi Yokota, Macintosh Japan Hiroshi Hieda, IKEON Hisashi Hasumi , Mr. audio system commentator Takahito Miura and me with a smile